If you're struggling with your first order this guide should help. The guide flows from the smaller sizes all the way up to our biggest, filter the guide by the bold headlines.

Which length do you need?


16" - A tighter fit, typically sits on the neck.

18" - Typically fits on or just beneath a T-shirt collar, a popular size.

20" - Our most popular size, typically fits 2 inches under the collar. 

24" - Our largest size, comes down to the middle of the chest.


6" - For petite wrists, usually ordered by women.

7" - Popular size, it's a fitted look for average builds.

8" - Most popular size, fits a little loose on average builds.

9" - Largest size, typically best suited for those with broader builds. 

Rings: We recommend that you look at the models hand and try and compare it to yours. The product description should have the size worn in the photos.

New to jewellery?

We have a lot of customers who are new to jewellery and we always recommend either a 3mm or 5mm chain / bracelet. We'll break it down for you now:

3mm chains / bracelets are subtle, but won't go unnoticed. If you've never worn jewellery before, this is the size that we recommend. You'll feel comfortable and confident wearing them out. You should definitely try the 3mm Rope or Cuban. 

5mm chains / bracelets are little bit of a step up, in our opinion it's the biggest you should go if you're new to jewellery. If you're looking for your outfit to pop straight away, this is the right size choice. We always recommend our 5mm Miami Cuban, it's the perfect daily size.

Looking for something a little bit extra? 

Okay so you've got your essential jewellery in 3mm & 5mm, but now you need something a little bit extra. Well our first recommendation is always the 8mm Miami Cuban, it's a Tericci best seller and for good reason. For occasional wear the 8mm cuban is always a great option, it's a lot more noticeable and makes a greater statement than the 5mm. All that being said, it can still be worn by pretty much everyone. 

If the 8mm is to big of a step up in size and you still want something extra we recommend that you go for a pendant. Pendants are a great alternative and are an easier step up over the 8mm. We recommend the 20" chains for a pendant and if you already own a 3mm Rope Chain, you should get the 3mm Cuban with it. That way you've got 2 daily chains and options for when you want to wear your pendant.

Time to make a true statement?

Play time's over and it's time to raise the bar, so right off the bat we're going to recommend the 12mm Miami Cuban. This is a bold and timeless design and you cannot go wrong with it. If that's still not enough, it's time to ice up. 

Iced out jewellery

If you're really looking to stand out, Tericci's iced collection has got you covered. Start your journey off with a pendant, we recommend one of our best sellers; the Iced compass.

Once you're used to this look, it's time to go for something that pops a little bit more. The natural progression here is the 3mm & 5mm Tennis chain / bracelet. The Tennis collection is timeless, classy and the shine that they bring will not go unnoticed. 

From here things start to get real, so the next jump is the Iced Cubans and the Diamond Prong Links. As an introduction to this phase, either start with the 8mm Iced Cuban or the 10mm Diamond Prong Link. Once you're comfortable with these pieces, you'll know when the time is right for the size upgrades.